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My first animated short Raining from ECU graduation wins Award of Excellence in the International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture 2013!!!!

Here's the Laurel!

I'm super honored and surprised to receive this award.
And here's their website:
Awards night ceremony and premiere will be held on the 9th May 2013 in Blitzmegaplex cinema, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Updated Reel for my grad film, Lotus

Updated reel for my grad film at VFS! This is the reel for key layout poses and backgrounds for my film. All drawings in this reel are done within 8 days. For the next 30 days would be rough animation stage. Work in progress reels will be updated weekly till this whole thing is done. :D


It's final film season again!

6 months ago, I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with my graduation film, Raining. One week before the graduation, I have already started with my new term at Vancouver Film School, enrolled in their classical animation programme. Raining, as a 5 miniute animated short took me 8 months of struggles to get the story locked down, and another 2 months for rough animation, and 1 month for sound design. For VFS, which is a one year intensive programme, we need to come up with one classical animation, one flash film and one portfolio at the end of the school. Now is the final film season for me again. The layout process is starting next week, and we are going to have 1 week for all layout, one month for rough animation, one month for clean animation, one month and half for coloring. My storyboard and animatic has just been approved for production by today.  The storyboard process has been taken for around 2 months. For current timing, the animatic is around 2 minutes. One instructor believed I won't be able to finish the film in the very end based on its complicated nature, and I do agree with him that the story can be simplified further more, and I think there's still a lot of actions that I could cut down further. Anyway, here we go for the final storyboard animatic and one sheet of coloring test poster.

The story is about a wounded soldier, saved by the goddess of nature, falls in love with the goddess. The soldier has to leave when the country is in danger while the goddess has to stay to protect the forest.

For color test:

Storyboard Animatic: